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Thread: Rocket Pitch with wing blocking down

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    Default Rocket Pitch with wing blocking down

    Coaches, I love the rocket. That being said, I am looking for a way to conflict #3 (DE) like I would on buck sweep with a down block. I also love to run the Down play with rocket motion. Can I block down with the WB and TE and pull G and T?
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    I think teams used to do that with Jet.
    Bryan Schaumloffel and

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    Yea I believe I've heard Coach Elrod say the first way they ever ran Jet at Cumberland was blocking down with the WB and pulling the Tackle and the Guard around.

    The problem I think in doing that is if they put that #2 defender in the LOS you really can't run the play any more.

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    By rule, if the Tackle is uncovered (TE SIDE), you are supposed to pull the Tackle. The TE will down block on the 7 tech. I remember Delaware used to make a "White" call when the 5 tech. was too wide. The HB would block down and the Tackle would pull around him. I have also seen some I formation teams block down with the TE and Wing and pull both Tackle and Guard around them when the toss the ball.

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    When you block down with the TE/wing you give the corner an immediate run read and he comes flying up. What I loved about Jet/Rocket to the TE flank was the reach by the TE and the wing coming off the ball so the corner and secondary in general are not getting an immediate run read. I think in Rocket the conflict of the DE/9 tech IS the Rocket motion. They're still kids and no matter what the coach says the DE sees the Rocket back and if he is getting the pitch outside the TE then I think the conflict occurs no matter what the TE block is thus allowing for the Down play.

    If you are trying to set up a Keep Pass and hoping to sneak the TE behind the corner now the down block by the wing becomes valid because he is now conflicted. We do that in the Gun with a Buck Sweep Keep Pass. Years ago we did a lot of motion to the I and we ran Power and Power sweep that way with a FB kick and BSG wall-off. If you wanted to add another conflict to the 9 tech run the Rocket with a lead/post by the TE/wing and pull the PST&PSG and see what it gets you. Now run a Rocket Keep Pass off that with the TE running a flag, Rocket Back check down/flare and SE running a Drag, Center field read or backside Post. We also ran a screen to the FB backside off the Rocket. We loved it to the backside of our "Ends" formation.

    As always write or call with questions. I'm glad to help if I can.

    Rich Erdelyi

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