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Thread: Spread 100/900

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    Default Spread 100/900

    Does anyone run their Wing-T primarily from a Spread 100/900 formation? With Navy and Georgia Tech having so much success using a Spread formation to run their run-based offenses didn't know if any HS teams have tried to run their Wing-T this way.

    Coach L

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    Are you talking about Delaware's SPR 100/900 with a TE aligned to the Dive Back side and a Wing to the SE side?

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    If you mean the DEL Spread 100/900, we have had a lot of success this year with it. For some reason we are seeing a lot of 5-2 defense with a 3 and 5 to the weak side and the SS rolled down to TE side. The buck has been money.

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    Sorry, I believe I'm referring to Loose in Delaware terms, not Spread. Anyone use Loose (two split ends) exclusively?


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    i have before, but not by choice. had no one else who could play so 2SE was a better formations to get our bet on the field. ran alot of jet/rocket stuff. also power worked well. buck was hit or miss.

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    My question is what is your rationale for the formation? Do you not have an acceptable TE? Can you gain an advantage vs certain defenses? If you don't have a TE you have no choice. If you can gain an advantage say vs a 4-3 Cov2 with a typical adjustment of a 3/5 to the slot side with the Sam in a walkaway now you could have an advantage on Buck/Power Sweep to that flank if the Sam is not good in space. Plus now you have 6 on 6 blocking and also maybe isolate your backside SE 1 on 1. You still have Belly to that flank and possibly getting your dive back on an LB. You could have a 3 step game to both flanks so the possibilities are endless.

    The beauty of this offense is the ability to create a flank or an interior numbers advantage by formation, motion, shift or trade or a combination of those. You always need a reason for doing it. Navy and GT are primarily running what we used to call White formation (2 SE's/2 slots) or White Close with the SE's creating a nasty split by aligning 2 yards from the slot. This constricts the defense making their Rocket Sweep an easier flank play as well as all the option stuff they run. They are balanced on offense forcing you to balance up on defense and then they find your "weak link".

    Back in 1997 I had a 3 year starter returning at QB backed up by a great sophomore. I went down to the Steelers and studied with their OC, Chan Gailey on a quick passing attack from White Gun which we implemented quite well. We could also run Buck Sweep from this formation which was a great play for us. We ran it 18 times vs. 1 team for 200 yards from White, White Gun, White Close, Rip/Liz (unbalanced tackles over). We were just getting into Jet Sweep at that time and that became a staple for us from White Close. Now when you start off-setting the FB(+/-) you are really giving the defense problems. Always remember you are trying to gain an advantage on the defense and create conflicts and doubts in their mind.

    I do not know what your base attack is or what defense you're going against but use your imagination...this is the best part of this offense.

    As always, write or call with specific questions. I'm glad to help if I can.

    Rich Erdelyi

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    Thanks, Coaches! A special thanks to Coach Erdelyi for his insight. Just one last question...if we go loose, should I have Slotbacks line up 2x2 of "ghost TE" or 2x2 of OT? I always went off ghost TE on Slot side, but finding it more difficult to get lead up from that far out on Belly XB.

    Thanks again,

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    By rule it's supposed to be off a imaginary TE

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    We go 1x1 off the tackle. Otherwise it is almost impossible to time the lead on the XB. We make sure to move the slot there in other situations so that it isn't something the D can key on

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    This is in answer to the question regarding alignment of the slot. Jsanny is correct in that it should be taken from the "ghost TE". That being said, I was always a maverick in terms of alignments. This is the essence of must find the position where it works for you. 1x1 works for 33Belly. Try it and see if it works for you. Where I aligned my college players was probably not where a HS or midget league coach should align his. I had a great FB who we had to line up at 3.5 yards. He was a chubby Italian kid who was a slow starter but NEVER lost a yard in 4 years. So we were in the "wing bone".

    Whatever you do you must maintain the integrity of the offense and be consistent with it! We were never very good at folding the slot inside on the Belly. It usually brought the Will inside. Even though we were faking Jet the Will knew it wasn't Jet as soon as the slot folded so now we had an extra man to contend with. We got pretty good at Belly Slide because the slot was blocking the same man he was on Jet. Analyze your Belly package and make sure you're getting what YOU want and need and not what the books tell you.

    If i can be of further help don't hesitate to write or call. Always glad to do so if I can.

    Rich Erdelyi

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