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Thread: Another wing-t concept in the nfl

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    Default Another wing-t concept in the nfl

    This 2 point play was used in the Monday Night Football Game last night. Looks very similar to the way CTXX was run back in the old days where the QB was used to pitch the ball to. I think I saw it in Dave Nelson's book.

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    Good stuff.
    Bryan Schaumloffel and

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    I saw it too Sanny!!! I was in the gym on the treadmill when they flashed it up on the tv screen... ESPN showing Plays of the Day. I went NUTS!!!! Hootin' and hollerin'!!! (That's "Southern" for yelling loudly and enthusiastically... for my Northern Wing T Brothers!!!). 933 XX and yes... the Wing pitched it to the QB when the OLB forced the play!!! Sweeeeeet!!!

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    Yes, blocked more like Jet XX (with no FB), but the same idea. Another key breaker or adjustment when the defense is prepared for Jet XX. GOOD STUFF - WING -T LIVES ON!!!!!!!!!
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    This is exactly how we ran Buck XX from Twins Gun only we pulled the TE as the wall off. They walled off with the BSG putting the OLB in conflict on the option pitch. We had the QB fake the Bubble because that's what we ran it off. I love this! A well conceived and executed play with perfect gap control! Use your imagination! Wing-T is still in vogue!

    Rich Erdelyi

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