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    How many of you base out of a double tight end set? Looking at our guys for the next few years, we have a lot more lineman types. If you do use a lot of 2 TE sets do you prefer a double wing look or a 2 tight 100/900 with a WB and HB? just brainstorming...

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    We base out of double tight double wing (we are shoe to shoe sniffer fullback double wing though - so we always do). We run a completely mirrored attack. Its easy to playcall and coach b/c you get predictable alignment on both sides. When you do split someone out or go with an over set its easy to see what they have done to adjust to your set. If you do go double tight - I think it would be good to base out of double wing and mirror everything. Its easy to call a set HB when you want to b/c they would just line up where they would have motioned to.

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    We based out of double tight with a HB and WB. Itís incredibly tough for a defense to cover another gap. We ran every play we had out of this formation including Waggle and Down pass.

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    We faced a DW team the past 2 years... Foot-to-foot-splits, double tight, wings tilted on a 45 in a 3-pt stance, and the FB in the sniffer position. They ran Super Power, Counter XX, Bucksweep, Trap, Wedge, down, and Power Pass.

    Really need to be disciplined. If you don't have DL willing to burrow and make piles, it will be a long night.

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    Default tight double wing

    We are similar to the one you faced but we run our sweep with FB and playside guard. We also have a few other play variations and tags and we run multiple formations to try and outflank the other team with various unbalanced sets. Technically we could get into the 100 and 900 formations and run a lot of our stuff. I don't think its hard to teach from double tight and then go to the other formations because install is completely mirrored whether true wing t or "double wing." If true wing t out of a double tight double wing you might have to teach the split side attack if and when you do decide to split an end out or go more traditional 100/900. But I dont think thats too hard depending on what series you are running.

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