I was going through some old notes this morning and ran across something that I thought I'd see if I get a "reaction" from any of our Wing T guru's on here! A team in our area ran the Wing T and was .verrrrrrrry successful with it.
However, their splits were "shoe to shoe" and when they ran buck sweep, the Wing blocked "on/outside" and the Guards "gutted." That is... the play-side OG pulled and led up on the near LB and the back-side OG pulled and "trapped" the DE. In other words, the Guards "switched" assignments. With no splits, it did no good to shoot LB's inside... so not much blitzing.
Then, they ran standard Fullback Trap but... their other formation was Tubby's "Spread 100/900." The play was, the best I can call it, "Belly- Power." The play-side line blocked down (like Down) but... the OG did NOT pull. It was the Diveback who kicked out the DE. The Full's steps were more Belly steps than down so he could "wind it back" if the hole opened inside. Otherwise, he was running off tackle like Power.
That was the brunt of their running game!!! Some Waggles and drop back but you knew you had to stop those 3 plays!
Does this 'version" of the Wing T ring a bell with anyone?? Help!