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    Default Buck Sweep "Gut"

    I was going through some old notes this morning and ran across something that I thought I'd see if I get a "reaction" from any of our Wing T guru's on here! A team in our area ran the Wing T and was .verrrrrrrry successful with it.
    However, their splits were "shoe to shoe" and when they ran buck sweep, the Wing blocked "on/outside" and the Guards "gutted." That is... the play-side OG pulled and led up on the near LB and the back-side OG pulled and "trapped" the DE. In other words, the Guards "switched" assignments. With no splits, it did no good to shoot LB's inside... so not much blitzing.
    Then, they ran standard Fullback Trap but... their other formation was Tubby's "Spread 100/900." The play was, the best I can call it, "Belly- Power." The play-side line blocked down (like Down) but... the OG did NOT pull. It was the Diveback who kicked out the DE. The Full's steps were more Belly steps than down so he could "wind it back" if the hole opened inside. Otherwise, he was running off tackle like Power.
    That was the brunt of their running game!!! Some Waggles and drop back but you knew you had to stop those 3 plays!
    Does this 'version" of the Wing T ring a bell with anyone?? Help!

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    There are 2 things that I have seen that are similar to what you are talking about. The Belly play with the HB kicking out is called a "J Block" scheme. I remember seeing it in a Southern Connecticut playbook when Kevin Gilbride was the head coach there. The other scheme I remember seeing a coach from California named Bruce Corbett, who called Buck Sweep "Jack" and if he switched the guard assignments it was called "Jill".

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    I'm not sure on the 1st play, but the second one sounds very Texas Slot-T.

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    Default buck gut

    Quote Originally Posted by nmballcoach View Post
    I'm not sure on the 1st play, but the second one sounds very Texas Slot-T.
    we have seen this in jersey from wing t teams against our 44. they block the c gap def end, stalk the olb/support player and gut up inside.

    i think one reason is because when teams key the wing to stop jet/rocket, when he gets a stalk key from the wing, he may widen thinking it's jet/rocket.

    when he sees wing down, he will crash down hard. so, they give him a key which widens the lane and they exchange the guard for what would have been the wing down to the ilb.

    it's a pain because we have to coach the hell out of the corner/fs and or linebacker to get over the top to D gap to race the guards to the point of attack.

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    Default Buck "gut"

    Andy: I think you just "nailed" it!!!! Thank you!!!!
    Those of you who are struggling with defenses that "overwhelm" your flank when you try to run Buck Sweep... ready Andy's post!!!
    Thanks, Coach!!! Very helpful!

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