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Thread: FB Blocking DE on Jet Sweep

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    Default FB Blocking DE on Jet Sweep

    Has anyone ever used the FB to Block #1 or at least help block #1?

    This year the biggest problem that we had in blocking the edge is #1 flying outside immediately with motion. Our OL was not good enough to really hammer anyone with Belly to make the DE pay for that action so we had to try and figure out ways to keep going on the edge. We used alot of the BAT tag with the HB and PST doubling #1 but it required a formation adjustment for us.

    Thought maybe this might be especially good against teams that are really good hat readers. Have the PST block inside/LB, pull the guard, and put the FB on the DE. We run alot of QB Belly off of Jet motion so I'd think this may freeze those interior players a little more, too.

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    If #1 is flying or widens we use a YOU call. When TE or the OT want to switch assignments with the Wing he will say YOU. YOU means you block number one and I'll block number two. The FB is usually positioned splitting the hip of the OT and he blocks number three but uses a hip check technique. He's checking hips of the OT, TE, or Wing. It's their block to make but if the defender comes free the FB blocks him and the OT, TE or Wing goes to the next level. I've attached a photo of the kids putting their inside hand on the hip of the player in front (Hip Check) LOL. We don't teach them to do that just has just happened over the years.

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