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Thread: Need advice from the "Old Heads"!

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    Default Need advice from the "Old Heads"!

    "old heads" was a nice one I learned from my coaching mentor!!

    Hey guys! I"ll try not to ramble, OK, i'll probably ramble some! Here is the scenario...

    I have experience as a head coach going 5-25 running the base Delaware from 100-900, some 400-600. Focused on buck, belly, down, trap, XX and waggle (I'd say one of those is what we ran 85% of time). Of the 5 games we won we probably wouldn't have won 4 of them had it not been for our commitment to the Wing-T. However, looking back we could have been much more open with formations, motions and who carried the ball....buck/belly from empty would have been great with the QB we had. We ran waggle as a true run first play!

    I might have the opportunity to coach again and I want to hit the ground running. Here is what i think will be the personnel set up...TRUE FB, athletic HB (power/not break away), solid TE 6-3 220, and a very athletic QB....line will be very young and inexperienced.

    I've really got two questions
    1) How do I start from scratch? I kind of feel lost. (if that makes sense)
    2) What are 3 things you've learned in your coaching experience?

    Any advice will be greatly appreciated,

    Thanks Guys!

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    Coach O: my 3 recommendations will probably answer what you're asking about as far as the personnel you'll have and what to run! Here are my 3 points:
    1- Run what you KNOW!!! Don't try to install an offense that you don't know! And... don't try to install too much! Grow with it over the years.
    2- Coach the coaches!!! It won't matter what offense you install if you don't have knowledgeable coaches. You'll have to teach it to them too!
    3- Stick with it!!! If at first it doesn't work, too many coaches "punt!" Stick with it. Don't listen to the nay-sayers!
    How's that??

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    Thanks Coach. That's perfect!

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