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Thread: Need advice from the "Old Heads"!

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    Default Need advice from the "Old Heads"!

    "old heads" was a nice one I learned from my coaching mentor!!

    Hey guys! I"ll try not to ramble, OK, i'll probably ramble some! Here is the scenario...

    I have experience as a head coach going 5-25 running the base Delaware from 100-900, some 400-600. Focused on buck, belly, down, trap, XX and waggle (I'd say one of those is what we ran 85% of time). Of the 5 games we won we probably wouldn't have won 4 of them had it not been for our commitment to the Wing-T. However, looking back we could have been much more open with formations, motions and who carried the ball....buck/belly from empty would have been great with the QB we had. We ran waggle as a true run first play!

    I might have the opportunity to coach again and I want to hit the ground running. Here is what i think will be the personnel set up...TRUE FB, athletic HB (power/not break away), solid TE 6-3 220, and a very athletic QB....line will be very young and inexperienced.

    I've really got two questions
    1) How do I start from scratch? I kind of feel lost. (if that makes sense)
    2) What are 3 things you've learned in your coaching experience?

    Any advice will be greatly appreciated,

    Thanks Guys!

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    Default Advice

    Coach O: my 3 recommendations will probably answer what you're asking about as far as the personnel you'll have and what to run! Here are my 3 points:
    1- Run what you KNOW!!! Don't try to install an offense that you don't know! And... don't try to install too much! Grow with it over the years.
    2- Coach the coaches!!! It won't matter what offense you install if you don't have knowledgeable coaches. You'll have to teach it to them too!
    3- Stick with it!!! If at first it doesn't work, too many coaches "punt!" Stick with it. Don't listen to the nay-sayers!
    How's that??

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    Thanks Coach. That's perfect!

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    here's what I would say:

    before hand, look at the wing t and put in belly series, buck series and power.
    From there be sure to have a counter and a pass for each "base play".

    don't worry about trends, or bubble screens, or rpos. Just get kids confident in the plays as they work together.

    finally, ask yourself this, how does the offense fit into an overall philosophy? ball control or tempo? bend but don't break defense or pressure? field position or push the envelope on specials.

    personnel changes each year. but the series, the {ORDER OF FOOTBALL} is the core of the offense. It's what people who don't get the wing t hate.

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    I think Lew and Andy have given you great advice and I'll add my 2 cents from a "Real Old Head". A key word is identity... you must decide what you will look like. At Carnegie Mellon we were a Buck Sweep - Jet Sweep- Belly team. Our passing game was naturally Play Action - Quick Game and Sprint Out with a little 5 Step.

    I agree with Andy regarding series but I would add 1 - Jet. It is an easy install for the most part...the safest HO you can have. If you have Buck you already have Trap, XX and Waggle so these would be easy adds. I always looked at attacking the flanks first...that's the biggest hole...from the TE to the sideline is 10 yards and from the slot to the sideline is 20+. With the personnel you have...the TE should handle the 9 this would be great. The Sprint out package is an easy add off of Jet and would get your athletic QB on the flank.

    Another suggestion was to find a Mentor...preferably someone in your area that you could bounce ideas off or someone you would feel comfortable emailing or calling. Lew has done this. I've done it for many coaches. Andy had his Dad who I knew well from Shore Regional and was a great wing-t guy. I've worked with Matt Dickmann from Harrison for many years. He certainly doesn't need my help because he is an outstanding coach. He is in the 3rd playoff round and called me last Sunday regarding blocking a 4i on Gun Buck XX. We looked in my playbook and saw the video of a down block on a 4i and a pass set on a 5. You need someone even if it's just a reassurance of what you're doing.

    Happy Thanksgiving to all.

    Rich Erdelyi

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