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    Does anyone use Nakeds as a big part of their play action passing game? Weve always been a traditional Waggle / Belly Pass team but Im really thinking if its feasible to run more Nakeds instead. That way it cuts down on the OL techniques as well as the mechanics with the FB meshing with those Gs.

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    We had several Nakeds in the plan my last few years but always with a "chipper". Rocket lends itself to a Naked because the line is reaching toward the sweep and the QB gets natural depth off the line with the Rocket toss fake. The FB comes backside anyway and he would be your "chipper" assigned to the 5 tech. He can bump him with an inside shoulder and go to the flat. We ran the patterns as break contain waggle...SE=post/corner; TE=drag @10-12; WB= though CF.

    We ran a Naked off of Belly Slide to the TE bringing the slide/Canadian motion man back to the SE side and he was the chipper. All others ran the patterns above. Stanford runs this play and that's where I got the idea from. The QB fakes Belly to the TE getting depth and making sure to get his back to the 5 tech. Again the line is all scooping to the TE flank inducing the defensive flow.

    I think it would be tough to run a Naked off of Jet due to the lack of depth from the QB. I think it could be OK off of Buck as far as depth is concerned and you have the FB as the chipper but I don't think the QB has as good of an opportunity to hide the ball from the 5 tech as he does off of Rocket and Belly as described above.

    As always, write or call with questions. Glad to help if I can.

    Rich Erdelyi

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