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    Help! Do you any of my esteemed colleagues on here know anything about... or play: Wayne Hills, NJ high school? They've inquired about coming down here to play my local school where I help out in Tidewater Virginia (Norfolk/Va. Beach area) next fall.
    I know that you guys up there play tough, hard-nosed football... we don't want to get in over our heads! Any help/evaluation would be appreciated.

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    Wayne Hills plays pretty good football. I know they played Canton McKinley and lost 38-0. McKinley plays really good football and is Massillon's arc rival in Ohio and I know that is serious football in that part of Ohio.

    I would expect them to be pretty good.
    Bryan Schaumloffel and

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    Having said that I have heard your area of Virginia plays pretty good football too. Lots of speed and athletes.
    Bryan Schaumloffel and

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