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    I've been out of coaching for a year and have been thinking what I would do if I was an OC again. I'm a wing guy, always will be. I did toy with running some of our stuff from the gun my last 2 seasons We ran TE /wing , WR/Slot. What I would call Gun Red/Blue TB went away from the TE/Wing and the slot widened out. I'm think about using those formations and a Trey version. I know Coach E ran some of this a CMU.

    What would you all run?
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    Coach, we've run a decent amount of those two formations the last two years and he's what we've done out of them run game wise.

    1. Bucksweep (F & Q)
    2. Trap (F & Q)
    3. QB Down (Catch & Run)
    4. Counter Trey - Off Jet Motion

    1. Jet Sweep
    2. QB Belly
    3. QB Counter - Off Sweep Action

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    I loved both of these formations because we could run Buck Sweep from both with a Hitch/Fade to the single receiver or Bubble to the Twins as RPO's. We had a great play action game from Twins as well as a great Sprint Pkg and a great Quick Game and Drop Back game from the Trips.

    From the Trips we ran Buck Sweep strong and I loved it vs. Cov2 teams because they didn't support that flank too well. We ran Jet and Belly Slide weak. We had a great Quick Pass game with blocking 5 and putting 5 out. We had a fine drop back game(3 step after the snap=5 step drop)with 4 out. This usually got us a LB on our dive back on a wheel in our Far Hook pattern and as a crosser in our 49er pass pattern. If I was still coaching and my QB was a runner I would run Joker(Ctr Trey) to both flanks and possibly a QB wham with the wing whamming the 3 tech or nose and QB faking Buck. Gronk whammed a nose last week!

    From the Twins we ran Buck Sweep strong and faked Jet Flip strong and ran a FB Down play behind it. We never really greased that one up very well. We ran Belly Slide/ Bubble to the Twins flank as well as Slide Bubble/Go. We ran Jet and QB Jet Belly and Buck XX to that flank. With that same motion we used the slide back to log the flank and had a great Sprint game running Curl/Flat with the twins and Curl/Wheel with the TE running Drag. If I were still coaching I'd run a scissors to the slide back and a Joker or Draw to the FB off the same motion. I would add a Quick game to the twins (Hitch/Seam) off the Belly Slide motion and a Quick Game to the Twins (Double Slant) with a FB flare. Our play action to the Buck Sweep side was excellent with Buck Sweep Throwback when the SS was coming downhill or Buck Sweep Keep Pass when the corner was forcing the issue.

    If I were still coaching I'd run a waggle off of both looks and also a Shovel Pass weak to the wing. This is only limited by your imagination so let it run wild! I would always have an under center plan but would probably expand my Gun formations to include my tackles over (Rip/Liz) package.

    As always write or call if I can help.

    Rich Erdelyi

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