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    Hey coaches, this past season we started a freshman qb and found our self being the most efficient in empty throwing for 3,000 yards in ten games. This off season I wanted to incorporate two backs because I want to take pressure off our still young qb and be able to run the ball. We also have a great TE as well.

    I recently met with a veteran in coaching and he haulted me from thinking we needed to change from empty (since we did this well) and said my answer to be able to run from empty was in the wing t and to study the wing t offense.

    This website has been an awesome resource. So far motioining in the slot to run the sweep looks like an obvious answer. Off that I like criss cross counter.

    Ideally just like we've built a passing system for empty I want a run game system that is built to work off each run.

    Thanks for any ideas or resources you can share!

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    HB/slot run from empty- Jet, Rocket, Red Light/Green Light, Jet XX

    QB runs from Empty- Trap, Belly, Down, Power (all with or without motion)

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    You can run almost every thing especially if your willing to run the qb who will now control the middle run's . You can have a have a full blown empty gun offense if you totally undrestand how the blocking scheme's work and how to build the series.

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    All good ideas. I would add Buck Sweep if you are comfortable with coaching all aspects of it. I now see teams reading the backside 5 off what the spread teams call Pin&Pull which is our Buck Sweep. This would also lend itself to QB trap. I can see faking Jet and running QB power or Joker (Ctr Trey) behind it.

    Our best play from empty was Jet Flip which was easier to time up than Jet and also easier to run if the snap was not perfect. Brady ran a great Jet flip 2 weeks ago for a TD. This was also easy to check from one side to the other based on #'s. I can see QB Joker, Trap, or Belly off of it.

    This is fun! If I can help just write or call.

    Rich Erdelyi

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