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    Just had an interesting conversation with a Double Wing/Double TE coach. He likes to run "our" Buck Sweep but... when things get "gummed up" (D Ends and/or OLB crashing hard to stuff the Guard's pulling!), he runs "Striker Sweep!???"

    I wish I had the technical skills to draw it up!!! But, let me at least describe it and see what you guys think:

    p-s Wing and TE: Reach
    p-s Tackle and Guard: pull OUTSIDE and seal flank
    C: Reach p-s
    b-s Guard, Tackle and TE: "Scoop" or Reach p-s gap
    b-s Wing: fast motion; receive hand off and take it wide. *might "dip" to appear to be cutting up at 90 d. for Buck but... it's designed to get wide... fast!
    Full: fill b-s A gap
    QB: poke at Full and step back on midline to give to Wing. Boot away.

    Comments?? Thanks!

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    I think itís a great idea but with TE and wing reaching & PST and PSG pulling- how isntntheir a rather large runtthrough lane for backers?

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    Does jet sweep or rocket fulfill the need for striker sweep?

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    Tim Murphy is the Coach behind the design of that that play and he use to run it when he was under center about 8 yrs ago. I never quite saw the use for it if you run buck but always like hearing what others are thinking about it.

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