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    We are going to use the gun as a formation add this season due to a solid QB. In the past, we felt we lost some deception when in the gun, especially with the Belly Series. However, after watching some non-wingt gun teams, it seems as if same-side zone and same-side veer gives you back some deception with the QB riding the TB into the line. Does anyone run same-side Belly, and... Belly Pass and Belly QB Sweep off of it?

    All insight is appreciated.

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    We ran same side Belly to the Twins when we were in Twins Gun with the TE/wing backside. We brought the wing across in Canadian/Slide motion and ran either Belly or Bubble to the Twins depending on #'s. 6 in the box run Belly, 7 run Bubble. If they brought the safety down as the extra man we could not account for we would run Slide/Bubble-Go with the Twin still running Bubble and the SE running a Sluggo pattern. This was an easy add for us since it coincided with the Buck/ Bubble concept we were already running. We did not run a counter off the Belly although I could see a QB counter or FB Joker off this motion or possibly our Slide/Opposite play with the QB carrying.

    With the same Canadian/Slide motion extended, we used the Slide Back to log the flank and we ran a great sprint out package with the SE running a Curl @14 and the Twin running a Speed Out @8 thus calling it Curl/Out. We then ran Curl/Wheel with the Twin turning his speed/out into a wheel which was great vs. man. As part of our Sprint Package we had a great QB Sweep which could easily be done with the log by the Slide Back ending up as a Double on the 5 with the PST. We'd fake to the FB who could bounce it outside and pull the BSG giving you basically a Student Body Sweep. This could be great for a running QB. I could also see the log and a fake counter to the FB and running Counter Boot. I could also envision a Zone Opposite/Read and a Play Action Seam Pass to the Slide Back or the Twin.

    As I've said for years...This offense is only limited by your mind and imagination! I look forward to hearing what other people are doing with this concept. I wish I was starting over because I have so many ideas. I hope some of you try this and report back.

    As always if I can help in any way just write or call.

    Merry Christmas! 82 and sunny here today in FL!

    Rich Erdelyi

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    Coach Erdelyi,
    Thanks for the response. Our QB next season is a high IQ good thrower type. We actually want to mix in some gun primarily to throw. He's a good runner, but not necessarily a FB type, which is why we want to give Belly to the FB. We feel Same Side Belly to the FB puts the QB in a similar place during the ride as if he was under center. If we're correct with this, we'll be able to run our Belly Keep Pass (we sprint out after the ride), QB Belly Sweep, and possibly Tackle Trap (Tackle Trap might have to be a QB run.) We are going to try it out in the spring. Really hoping it's not too expensive.

    Thanks for the sprint out ideas.

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