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    So many references involving "counting the box" in football media to get an idea of sound play calling when considering running outside or inside. However, I've not found one mention of anyone definitely defining "the box." I always thought of it as the "tackle box," meaning anything from tackle to tackle and four to five yards deep. However, I've seen people extend their count of "the box" when brining in a tight end, counting everyone from tackle to tight end and four to five yards deep. And extend their counting even more when two tight ends are in the formation.

    So how do you define and count the box?

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    Not sure but about 10 years ago we were struggling defensively and we went to a local college for help. We talked extensively about defending the box and I learned something that we still use.

    We were concerned with defending the flat and defending the “box” at the same time. The seasoned coach said you would be amazed how far out you can move backers and they can still get back to defend their internal gaps if the ball is snapped to the shotgun position. We have used this philosophy for about 10 years. (Base 43) Each kid is a little different but you can get them out quite a ways if they read keys properly.

    That seasoned coach also said he would never widen those LBs if the QB was under center.

    Not sure if this answers or addresses your question, but something for everyone to think about.

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