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    I am a JV football coach that was completely new to Wing-T when I took this job calling offense 3 years ago. We are a traditional under-center Wing-T with a lot of motion. We've had a lot of success but I have not used any formation shifts/trades. I am curious what shifts/trades have produced big results for any of you.
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    We are big believers in shifts. Varsity offense will have 10 shifts introduced in summer.
    i1) One Back shifts -- have a word which talks specifically to the LH, RH, or FB.
    2)TE Trade - word which talks to TE only. You are initially balanced and "Trade" to unbalanced or viice-versa.
    3)Jump To - refers to jumping SE and TE only.
    4)Slide To -- talks to LH and RH.
    5)Change To -- 3 man shift talking to TE and both HB's (a 3 man shift).
    6)Shift To - 4 man move involving Te-SE-LH-RH.
    7)Explode To - talks to QB,LH,FB,RH. We are jumping from Under Center to Gun OR vice-versa'
    8)Scatter To - SE,TE,LH,RH,FB, and QB stack directly behind Center. On command all 6 players move to the "called" formation.

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    Default Thank you!

    Thank you, Coach! I always end up with some very strong tendencies out of each formation. Trying to find ways to hide or get away from those tendencies. Thinking shifts/trades might help.

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