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Thread: Loose Formations In the Wing T

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    Default Loose Formations In the Wing T

    I've coached in many offenses over the years and my main thing was to find ways to utilize various formations compatible with your core plays. With all versions of the Wing T at an all time high, tendency breakers is a must. 100/900 formations are always the norm when an opposing team scouts your offense. However, when you have your Loose formations intact, it'll get one more player out of the box.

    Motioning your RH can help open your 40 and 80 series which is what Rich Ellerson did during his tenure at West Point. With this part of your offense you can set up play action passes off your option sequences as well as your waggle concepts. For a better understanding I'll provide a link to the 2013 Army-Navy Game.

    Always look to take advantage of a clear shot when you can run a pop pass when the buck sweep is being overplayed by the secondary the same streak that your TE runs can be ran by your RH as well.

    Thanks for reading this page and anything you'd like to add or provide is truly appreciated. I love to get better every time the opportunity is issued and help others also with widening their scope on the Delaware Wing T.
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