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    I've decided to take a look at my playbook and "think outside the box" since this is my second off season not coaching. In the past I've run some gun wing stuff using Gun red/blue with the slot spread out wider. I also want to run a trey look like Coach E did at CMU. If I end up coaching again this would be the way I'd like to go (along with some UC). I'm curious what other run from these looks. I've also thought about the pistol looks, but I'm wondering what you gain from these, especially if the slot is not widened out.

    TO take this a step further with the Gun stuff I could see where the RPO's can tie in. I heard there was a good presentation "Smoke & Mirrors) and the national clinic. Anyone have ideas or example that they would share?

    Thanks Chris
    Chris Cuomo
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    We're going to add a gun package this year. We'll have a good throwing QB. Essentially, we'll just treat it like any other formation tag. Really like what Blair Hubbard is doing in the gun with regard to Rocket.

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    We did get in a Pistol formation and ran a Rocket series. Rocket Sweep, Rocket Zone, Rocket Ctr. (inside HO with XX blocking), Rocket Keep Pass and Rocket Naked. In all of these plays we brought the Rocket back in motion behind the QB and in front of the FB. Being in a balanced formation, 2 SE's, 2 slots with their inside foot on the OT's outside foot @3 yards allowed us to either/or (check) the play based on #'s. We got an advantage sometimes when people declared to the field vs. a balanced set.

    I see an advantage in the Pistol if you're running inside zone or mid-line.
    CMU is running a great Wham play from Pistol from my Friends look and it could easily be an RPO which is what we did with the Wham under center. I see the possibility of a Quick Pass game to both flanks.

    Remember, it's only limited by your imagination.

    Rich Erdelyi

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