A key element to any version of the Wing T is having your power and counter running elements in your staple. The 30 Series (Power) of the Classic Wing T can be run from practically every formation with two running backs. When you look at your original playbook refer to plays ran to the weakside. That is the best way to make a transition to the Malzahn System.

The Splitback Formations (200 & 800) are great for the power and counter series. In the Malzahn System you'll be able to see how he teaches power and counter. Moving your halfback to the TE/WB side, which creates the 300 & 700 formations can be a comfortable fit as well. Depending on your personnel, it may not be a bad idea to align your HB behind your QB and FB behind the Tackle for lead blocking purposes.

In the link above you'll get the visual on how both Wing T versions are related to one another. Always remember that the 20 Series and your 100/900 formations is your primary source of ammo, but utilizing your other formations and series is your missles, landmines, and bombs.