We all know how limited we can be with depth especially on the high school level. Offensive linemen can be the most depleted group at times. That's why I'm all about teaching all linemen each position and play call.

My theory is the same concept as coaching international basketball where players know all five positions on the floor. By doing this your big boys can get the visual on what their fellow lineman's assignments are and have the knowledge to replace a player if needed for whatever reason, such as his helmet falling off resulting in missing a play, injury replacement, or to create a favorable matchup. Your first week of training camp is best because of all blocking assignments being taught in detail.

Former Nebraska O-Line coaches Milt Tenopir and Dan Young taught me that having two offensive line coaches elevates the learning process. Centers and guards with one Coach and your tackles and tight ends with the other Coach. Your T/TE coach can teach the tackles the guard position and if desired, the tackles learning the tight end position for jumbo goal line purposes.

Hopefully this will be of some assistance with creating a way to develop a practice plan along with making your offensive strategy a stronger one.