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Thread: Tom Herman"s New Wing-T O/Line Technique, Drill, and Practice Organization DVD

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    Default Tom Herman"s New Wing-T O/Line Technique, Drill, and Practice Organization DVD


    I have updated my

    This DVD involves me clinicing and Demonstrating my method of coaching Wing-T offensive Line technique, drill progression, and practice organization. On January 28, 2012 I updated and improved this tape. This is my newest Wing-T Offensive Line Drill Progression, and Practice Organization Clinic tape. The last one I sold was from Jan. 29th 2008. The other theme of this clinic talk is Shoulders versus hands. This tape lasts about 3 1/2 hours. In addition to my clinic on Wing-T Offensive Line Technique, Drill Progressions, and Practice Organization, I do a much better job clinicing when I use hands and the drills I use to coach it.
    This is a very detailed Wing-T Offensive line DVD that covers and demonstrates all five phases of blocking. I begin by explaining why we use shoulder blocking, and how I organize practice (it includes actual practice plans). I emphasize how to coach the stance and align, How to Coach the first step, and a step-by-step approach on how to coach someone to shoulder block. The theme of this clinic was centered around the argument that, ďItís not shoulders versus handsĒ when coaching the Wing-T Offensive Line, it is what surface is the best for a blocker to use in each situation. We have 4 surfaces to use, Shoulder Forearm, Shoulder Hands, Hands, and hand & Head. When and how do we coach our lineman to use each surface?

    The Second DVD in this set involves my Wing-T offensive Line technique, drill progression, and practice organization clinic from my Dallas clinic in Feb. or 2008. This is also a very detailed clinic. So you can get two Wing-T Offensive Line Technique, and Practice Organization tapes for the price of one.

    The THIRD DVD in this set, is my 2007 on the field DVD. This new and third DVD combines my new O/Line Drill Progression, and Practice Organization tape with over 2 hours of on the field practice. I include my first practice of 2007 Team camp. In this practice I teach most of my drills to the players (for the first time), then I have them do the drills while I correct them. I also have most of my last practice (practice 6) where you can see their improvement.

    There are two Purchase options:

    1. You can just purchase my NEW 2012 Technique, and Practice Organization DVD.

    2. You can Purchase all 3 DVDís.
    If you are interested please E-Mail me at and I will send you the prices and an order form.

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    Coach Herman's DVDs are some of the best out there. I have some of his old VCR tapes and my brother that is getting involved coaching youth football. I passed my old tapes to him and he found the tapes to be a great resource for him a new coach. The fact of being able to see Coach Herman teach the techniques on the field with players and not just talk and chalk about the techniques. Some of the best stuff is the coaches meeting talks on the Wing-T. Everyone can learn something with the tapes and it is a great refresher for the seasoned Wing-t'er as well!

    Bryan Schaumloffel
    Bryan Schaumloffel and

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    Default Coach Herman Materials

    Coach Herman,

    Could you do $400 for your entire package of materials?

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    Is this still available for purchase and still good for today? I know it's been since 2012, but was curious if most of this stuff has been updated. I'm sure it's still good, but I want to double check.


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