When I got my first job as an assistant coach back in 2006, I had a plan in which was established in my mind as how to build your athletic department and improve your current components. Coaching year round can be the norm as some coaches like myself, coached other sports such as track & field. In high school you wouldn't have many students try out for football but the entire house would be available for the basketball tryouts.

Some of the hoopsters played football simply because they knew the basketball coaches would conduct tryouts in the parking lot filled with running and more running. A basketball wouldn't even be picked up for a week or so. Eventually those guys with hoop dreams would wake up and cut themselves. I simply asked some of those guys why don't they run T&F during the spring and run cross country during the fall. I recruited many of my football players to do so based on the premise alone that they'll become more disciplined and mentally tougher when their primary sport season arrived. I never mentioned them becoming faster and stronger, they knew that already.

What would have been twenty members on the T&F roster, it increased by fifteen easily with first time footballers, wrestlers, and basketball guys. Some of them weren't naturally fast or the strongest, but they loved competition. Another selling point that went unmentioned, but wasn't needed due to the fact they understood the process and had full trust in it.

Encourage your players to compete in the other sports especially if they have the ability to hit a ball or take down and pin an opponent across the wrestling mat, but mainly if they can handle being a student first. Football coaches who endorse multi sport athletes and not restrain them to the gridiron goes a long way. And if they're not in the the gym during the winter, weightlifting is their winter sport. Keep tabs on their eligibility year round so you don't become blindsided with grade dilemmas. Making them college eligible is the way to go.

Thanks for reading and continue to enjoy this profession that has called us.