I have to share a story that happened this past weekend at the Red River, OK Glazier Clinic.
I was asked to do a "chalk war" in one of the sessions... facing the DC from Allen, TX HS (if you don't know about Allen's program, you don't know HS football!!!) and his Even-front defense vs. my Wing T offense. I will admit that I was a bit intimidated.
It ended up being a "friendly" conflict! He was very humble and good-natured and was flustered by what I "threw at him" out of BASE Wing T! Why? As Coach Cain admitted... "We don't see much of this Wing T offense in Texas!" My point exactly!!! Which is why I was shifting and motioning and drawing up misdirection plays as much as I could!
My point: The U. of Del. "base" (under center) Wing T still lives on!! And is a verrrrrrrry effective offensive attack--- particularly when nobody else in your league runs it!
Interestingly, in one of the sessions, I had to share an "option" play. I pointed out that Tubby was running "RPO's" in the 60's!!! What? Yep... Belly and Down Keep Pass are the "original" RPO's! When I went Belly Keep Pass to Coach Cain's weak side flank, I heard him go "hurrump!!" under his breath. He'd just had to stop buck sweep to the strong side; now I came back with KP into the flat.
Like my Wing T mentor taught me: "you can stop SOME of the Wing T but you can't stop it all! You (as the play caller) have to find where the defense has weakened itself and attack there!" Truer words never spoken!
We wouldn't have stood a chance against the horses that Allen runs out on the field on any given Friday night in a real contest! But it was fun and challenging to see such an outstanding coach concede that the Del. Wing T offense was giving him fits!