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    For the last 9 years I have been a Defensive Coordinator and have slowly got away from my offensive football roots and stopped coming to the blog. However, I have recently been promoted to Head Coach and I would like to incorporate some Wing T offense into our system. We have been a no huddle team that has had success with 21 and 11 personnel in the past, as well as 10 personnel. I would like to keep that going but I do not want to run zone anymore. Our line had a lot of success with Power last year and a Trap lead. I would like to run a power series and a down/belly series but from under center and gun. Down/Belly sweep, not option. I will stick with calling and planning the defense and have an assistant call the offense. However, he is not familiar with the Wing T and it will be his first year calling an offense.

    First off, whats new with the Wing T? I have not kept up for the last 7-9 years.
    Second, what Wing T stuff are people running from the gun or pistol?
    Third, is there any RPO stuff with the Wing T out there?

    Thanks for your guys help. Lots to catch up on.

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    I would start here for the Gun Wing T stuff.

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    As Coachmcg Pat Murphy is a great resource to reach out to. He has helped me greatly over the last few years. I'd also recommend reaching out to Coach Erdelyi on here as he was doing a lot of innovative things, blending the traditional Wing T with some newer Shotgun/Pistol additions at Carnegie Mellon.

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