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    I have read about the 22 28 gut and 22 28 tag play and 23 27 slam/tag play. Has anyone tried pulling only the back side guard as the kick out and the fullback wrapping around as the lead/wall off blocker? I'm thinking the fb takes his 2 steps then follows the guard through the hole. The qb takes his steps and gives an underneath handoff to the hb.

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    Coach, we've never done anything like that but a team in our league a few years ago ran an Off-Tackle Buck where they just run Buck a hole shorter. Kicked the DE with the PSG and wrapped to PSLB with the BSG. A really good play for them.

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    Default Buck off-tackle play


    In the early 80's I had to face a great wing-t coach, Dale Giesler (RIP) who ran the 22/28 trap as his primary play. It was good old fashioned lead/post with BSG trapping - straight out of Evashevski. He supplemented it with 24 trap, 28 counter, bootleg and 31 power sweep. Point being that it can be a very effective play if properly executed.

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