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Thread: Down VS. Buck Sweep

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    Default Down VS. Buck Sweep

    I've been watching a lot of Wing-T film lately of Bellevue, Sherwood Oregon, some schools in Utah that have had success and I've been interested to see that many teams don't seem to lean on the Buck Sweep as much as Wing-T people would assume. Bellevue for instance you rarely see a Buck Sweep - same thing with Sherwood. They'll run it, but it feels more like a change of pace thing than a pivotal point of the offense. I've spoken with some coaches about why that could be and the answer I've gotten is that the down block by the Wing can be really difficult against larger schools that may have a 6' 3" freak on the edge. They seemed more inclined to run the Down, or a version of the sweep similar to the Down where the Guard is automatically kicking out the end regardless of alignment from the Wing. Basically saying that a guard kick out is a better match up. This year we're running the Down for the first time actually, but we've had so much success with the sweep I can't see myself going away from it. Our Fullback is a real talented kid and it just makes sense. So I'm curious what would make a want to run a Down over a Buck Sweep or the other way around. Is there something the defense is showing, like a DE that is too physical to be down blocked by a wing, that would lend you to lean one way or the other? Thanks.

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    They compliment each other. If the end is a great squeeze, run buck. If he gets up field, run down.

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    There are weeks where we won't use it. But we always practice it.


    It's split flow. Fb doesn't take you there.

    Waggle is too good. Still need the action in the backfield.

    It greatly compliments the C gap power game.

    (all this pin and pull stuff is the grandchild of buck sweep)

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    Default Buck Sweep vs. Down

    My take is: go back to what Tubby Raymond says about the "Order of Football." The Del. Wing T is "series oriented." As someone just stated, Down "complements" Buck Sweep. Funny story: the first time my staff and I went to Tubby's clinic in Newark (and that is pronounced New-ARK, by the way!!! ha ha), Ted Kempski was speaking on Installation of the offense. The first play he diagrammed was 121/929 (Buck Sweep.) After 50 minutes, he took a break saying, "we'll come back and I'll show the play that complements Buck Sweep or... how Buck Sweep sets it up." I was a novice (and a know-it-all) so I said to myself, "he'll be talking about Fullback Trap next!" I was shocked when he started diagramming Down as the play that complements Buck Sweep!!!
    Long story short... you need to run BOTH plays, Coach! I'll send you some video of buck sweep being run really well if you want. My email is Blessings, Lew

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