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Thread: Where does the "buck" in buck sweep come from?

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    Default Where does the "buck" in buck sweep come from?

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    The term "Buck" refers to the action of the FB running up the middle and the HB running to the outside. In the Single-Wing, the Buck Series involved the FB handing the ball to the QB (blocking back/sniff back today) as he ran up the middle, as the FB would receive the shotgun snap, and then the QB might lateral it to the outside and hand it to another. I'm not sure WHY it was called Buck Series.

    Anytime the FB is going up the middle and another back is going outside, it is called Buck. I've hear "Buck Trap" and "Buck Waggle" as well, though certainly not as much.

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    I'll "refine" CoachPike's entry. "Buck" is an old fashioned term (he's right...) from our Single Wing roots. Buck simply deliniates that a back is "bucking" or "diving" or "plowing" into the line. I don't believe it has anything to do with what the HB does or doesn't do. By adding Sweep or Lateral, you are now explaining what another back is doing AFTER the original back "bucks" into the line.
    There's my history lesson for today!!!

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