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    Guys: I've consulted with a couple of guys on here who I know well and respect their opinions. Now I'm going to make this an open/public call to all of my Wing T Buddies! I'd like to get your opinion as to how you would attack this defense.

    The team that I'm "consulting" for opens with a strong opponent. They are not always big but they are quick and extremely aggressive! Plus they are well-coached. They play a 5-2 defense with the DT's in a 4i on our OT's. The Nose will slant some but mostly plays off the C and runs to the ball. The 4 deep secondary is pressure man coverage... and they are aggressive. So the TE will be covered by a Safety who is close to OR right on the line head up on the TE. If we motion, the defender assigned to that back will go with him. The inside LB's will blitz if they need to but they'd rather have them free to run things down (fast!) If you hurt them, he will jump into a 6-1... making one of the ILB's a D Tackle and cover every lineman. Still play man behind it!

    How would you attack this front? Have any of you had any success against it? Are there "key plays" that you would use?

    Thanks to Erd and Hancel for their help!!! Since this is an open forum, I thought a discussion on this would be good for everybody on this message board!


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    Looking at what you were telling us I think that running loose formations and attacking the weakside with unbalanced alignments will get the advantages you need. With the inside backers blitzing, think 24/26 wedge as opposed to 24/26 trap. 921/129 Bucksweep will work and if your TE can clean release inside to the blitzing backers vacated space that your pop Pass. Turn to 22/28 Running if there's too much action in the A gaps.

    With 83/87 Belly Your X Blocking is there. Backside linemen scoop block to prevent penetration to the A gaps Once Belly is established Turn to 81/89 Pitch and Keep Pass when CB overplays the run. As the game develops you'll know when to turn to the 51/59 screen pass. Mesh passing concepts from 60 or 70 series will help vs blitz. 339/731 Power Sweep or 238/832 Power are good too depending on how well that HB executes the kickout block. When a team blitzes heavily look for 84/86 Sally instead of 32/38 Counter

    If there were any scenarios that I may have overlooked let me know.
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    Default 5-2

    Good stuff, Coach! Thanks!

    Anybody else???!!!

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    With the man coverage vs motion who is covering the FB out where the motion came from? I'd try Bull/Bear (Wing lined up behind the OT) formations and sneak him down the middle of the field on a waggle solid. Red or Blue with Rocket or Jet motion and send the Wing opposite on a crossing route. 24/26 Odd. Unbalanced Formations a MUST!!

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    I know Belly Option isn't run too much anymore, but if it's still in your repertoire....

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    Default 5-2

    Thanks guys! Goooooooood stuff!!!

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    This was my reply to Lew when he wrote me personally. Thought I'd share with everyone.

    Several thoughts:
    1. Jet XX to the SE flank and have your SE block the man covering the XX BC. You'll get 2 for 1. I have this on my Jet Sweep DVD.
    2. Red/ Blue frm...motion the FB so 1 of the ILB's has to go with and run QB draw or QB Sally where the ILB vacated you have them outnumbered inside. There are several ways to block it including double the nose and Gut the BS guard.
    3. Any Curl/Wheel or Post/Wheel combo trying to get a rub on the inside safety covering the wheel. Max protect it if necessary
    4. My trips 2 point play. #1 outside runs a 12 yard in; #2 sets the "pick" with a hook @5; #3 runs an arrow to the flat under the pick creating the rub; offset the FB to that side and he leads the QB sprinting to that flank. You can run it from multiple formations just get the players to those positions by motion.
    5. My "Motion Diagonal"...from Red/Blue motion the wing across to trips snapping the ball when he's 4 yards outside the slot. SE runs a Post over the top breaking @12; Slot runs a hook to the outside and slides out; TE runs a hook @12 to the inside with the motion back coming back underneath the slot and TE. 1st read is SE/slot high/low...back to the TE/motion high/low.
    6. Tricks: Buck/Power Sweep throwback to the QB...who covers him?
    7. Shifts/Trades with motion afterwards...make them change men and confuse them.
    8. Empty formations with Jet, Jet Flip, QB Ice away from the Jet.

    Hope this gives you some food for thought

    Rich Erdelyi

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    Thanks for sharing your correspondence with us! I am really excited to see this letter here!

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