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    With teams that run Sally with Draw blocking back side. What is the best way to run it for a HS team against HS defenses.

    Delaware Style - Straight draw blocking with ISV fake

    Belly Fake Sally draw blocking

    Rocket fake FB leads up on backer (Sally Lead)

    Sally with tackle pulling through hole (Dart style)
    Bryan Schaumloffel and

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    With Rocket or Jet fake with FB leading through the hole

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    From watching some of your video I see you are an excellent Rocket team so I would run Sally with the FB lead and Draw blocking. A counter such as Sally is only as good as the play you're running it off. Remember the Sally back needs to be a good pick-a-hole runner because unlike the rest of our plays there is not a defined hole to hit. Everything depends on the reaction of the defense and each play could be different. You must also coach the Sally back to be patient in letting the reaction of the D to occur. In my later years coaching we had more success with Sally and our Scissors play off Sprint Out where there were no pullers. I ran that Scissors with no pullers in 1969 for the 1st time and was still running it at the end and we're still installing it at our camps.

    As always write or call with questions. I'm glad to help.

    Rich Erdelyi

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    Just a couple of technique items I should mention. If you're running the Sally to the slot he should take a drop step then crossover on his 2nd step with depth running through the toes of his diveback position. The tendency for kids is to rush this play.

    If you're running it to the diveback off Belly action his steps should be crossover/plant to the outside and then retrace crossover/plant. This gives the QB time to do his shoulder ride (nipple to nipple) and step behind the FB fake making sure to not cut off the Sally Back and allowing him to read the reaction of the defense and the blocks of the line.

    If you are running Sally to the right make sure the LG and OC are responsible for the A gaps and the RG/RT/TE block #1-2-3 or whoever becomes #1-2-3. The play is designed to take advantage of defensive reactions and movement so those must be allowed to occur.

    Rich Erdelyi

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    Coaches I came across a clip with some shotgun wing T from the 80 series which includes backside draw blocking along with playside down blocking for the Sally Concept we're discussing. I think that scheme would be easier because it's less teaching and sticks to the core blocking principles of the series.

    Above is the link to that clip. Take a look at it and see if that would be a good idea.

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    I like it.
    Bryan Schaumloffel and

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