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Thread: Power and Down. Do you need both?

  1. Default Power and Down. Do you need both?

    Since power and down are C-gap plays, do you need both? One possible reason I can think of is if there is a playside A-gap defender and you don't want to pull the playside guard. What advantage does one have over the other?

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    I love down. The speed it hits with is awesome. My FB can be in the secondary before they realize it. But...

    There is always one team that wants to blitz the crap out of us. Power secures all gaps. It also helps to settle the OL down. They can get a bit flustered by constant blitzing.
    With power the Defense can blitz all they want and we are ok.

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    Default Power and Down

    I agree with BigMoot... you need BOTH plays! However, IF... you're not going to run buck sweep much (or any!), Down loses its influence/power/importance!! Did you know that Down is the [I]complimentary[I] play to buck sweep? One sets up the D End and the other takes advantage of his "assignment conflict."

    I'd also suggest having Power and Power "solid"--- where the back-side G does not pull. Secure ALL of the gaps.


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    Thanks bigmoot.

    Hope you're doing well.
    Remind me about the meaning of "One sets up the D End and the other takes advantage of his "assignment conflict."

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    Default Power and Down

    Assignment Conflict = the situation that a defender finds himself in when he has to "take care of 2 responsibilities but... he can't do BOTH at the same time!"
    Take that D End we're talking about. His "dual" responsibility is: close to the C gap when the TE blocks down but also, protect "D gap" and not get washed down by the Wing if the Wing blocks down to seal off the D End! The D End can't do both! and... it's your job as the OC to make him "choose wrong!"
    A) if the D End closes hard with the TE blocking down, you stay with buck sweep; let the Wing (easily) wall the D End off and keep running buck sweep!
    B) if the D End decides to 1- step outside (widen himself) or... come hard upfield, then you've got him "set up" to run Down inside of him; trap him with the p-s Guard and and run the Full up inside of that kick-out/trap block!

    Does that help???


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    Thanks, Lew for the clear and concise explanation. Not only did it help me but also others as well. We plan to run buck and power and power sweep a lot.

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