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Thread: Active Stretching vs. Static Stretching

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    Default Active Stretching vs. Static Stretching

    Our team prefers to active stretch each day before practice. How many of you active stretch or static and do you have any research that backs up your method? I would like to find some research that supports active stretching. Thanks

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    Default static v. active

    We utilize functional flexibility or active stretching. The only research is our own results from the past two years, but everything I have heard from coaches varying from ISU Wrestling Coach Cael Sanderson to Univ of Iowa Strength Coach Chris Doyle is functional flexibility. The only time we use static stretching is as a part of our cool down or after already warmed up.

    Not sure if this is what you are looking for...

  3. Default Dynamic Flxibility

    We too use a dynamic or active stretching routine prior to practice and games. We have found that we have had little to no muscle pulls as opposed to when we did only static stretching. I think a dynamic flex routine coupled with a gradual build up to practice is the way to go. It takes less time and the kids have to stay focused because they are moving.

    As it gets a little colder (November in New England) we add some static stretches to compliment our normal routine.

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    We have done the dynamic stretch for two years now. I can not remember the last pulled muscle. It is a great use of time. It has cut our strecth time almost in half. That is the only research I have. It works for us.

    Hope this helps

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    can someone explain the dynamic stretching?

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    There is no no research that states static stretching prevents injury in dynamic workouts such as football. The benefits of active, or dynamic stretching are that it increases the core body temprature, which in turn warms up the muscle; it speeds up your metabolic rate, which gets oxygen and all the other chemical elements flowing to your muscles. Dynamic also gets your joints loose.

    I am no expert on this... you talk to ten people, you'll get 10 different opinions I am sure.

    I am in an exercise physiology class currently, and what I mentioned is some of the stuff we have learned.

    We warm up with an active routine, and we end practice with 5 minutes of static stretching and cool down. The static at the end really helps with muscle soreness, and recovery.

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    I have a former player of mine (Jason Kilgore) that is now a college head track and field coach at West Chester University. He introduced this type of dynamic stretching to me a few years ago and it is great. We start practice with what we call form run. We do all the normal running drills: high knees, butt kicks, a-skips, shuffle side to side, back petal, etc... we will do the drills for 20 yards and then jog for the next 20, and then do the same drill back. At the end we will do short sprints, 5 x 10 yard sprints, 5 x 20 yard sprints. This works and improves our speed during the season. We do this as a pre-practice routine. We still have some older coaches on staff, so we also do the static stretches too. My former player says that this is ok, because now you are stretching a muscle that is already warmed up. But he actually recommends to do static stretching after practice. If you contact him at West Chester University in PA, he probably could give you a slew of research that supports this type of stretching. He knows alot about training. He is a great resource to me.

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    Check out this paper I found on the subject.
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    Thanks coach for the attachment. Thank you coaches for your feedback.

  10. Default Stretching

    My college roomate Paul Uram was a College Gymnast and football player. Prior to this we warmed up with 10 to 20 minutes of calisthenics mostly with a 1-2-3-4-Count. He wrote the first book on stretching and started it with his H S coaching. He started to do clinics on it and over the next few years he was invited to teach at all NFL camps,NBA camps and professional baseball. During the 70s Chuck Noll made a study of it and hired Paul full time to be his Strech coach. The Steeler Players were sold on it and warmed up inside before their first Super Bowl Win and came out and ran up and down the field for 5 minutes and played well enough to win. I am guessing you would call his stretching static. He held his stretch for 10 seconds. I always keep and open mind and would like to see the new stretching. I believe Bryan Gallagher does it at our camps. I thought at one time no one would change from the single wing to the Wing T. I didnt think they would change from Calisthenic as a warm up to stretching.
    Dont change because someone else is doing it. Try it yourself and evaluate
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