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    I am thinking about running a little Bear this year on defense (we are a base Split 44 team). What is the first thing you think about when you see a team running the Bear against you? What plays do you think work the best against this defense and what plays struggle against it? We play around 5 Wing-T teams a year so any help would be useful.

    Thanks for you input fellas

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    Good Plays versus Bear 46 :
    1. Belly XBL to SE Flank
    2. Triple Option to SE Flank
    3. Rocket Sweep to either Flank
    4. Double Dive to TE Flank (FST & TE fan outside on SS over TE and the
    the DE. FSHB leads on LB aligned over the FST.
    5. Fade pattern

    Denny Dierick

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    Your biggest problem running bear is going to be getting out-flanked formation wise.

    End over causes some issues, especially if you see tackle over. If they go TE trade you'll have adjustment issues. If they go double wing you'll face 4 vert threat and be in trouble. Rocket and Jet motion cause issues by putting them in a 3x1 set and you can't really adjust in time.

    The Bear is pretty static, the Wing-T lets teams play around with formations. Not a good mix.

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    Coach Dierick,

    We've tried like crazy to run our double dive (we actually call it "Belly" in our offense, but I'm not willing to confuse anyone by doing so here!) to the TE side against a 46 Bear.

    What you've described looks good on paper, but in reality, how do you deal with single blocking the aggressive 3-technique DT? We've not met a lot of success doing that, even in years where we have had very good offensive guards.

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