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    Anybody have blocking rules, routes & reads for Waggle Solid?

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    Coach: We took concepts from Rich Erdelyi at Carnegie-Mellon U. and developed them into our Waggle Solid pass play. Basically Rich's idea on Waggle is: it's a drop back pass not a roll out.
    Sooooo... we kept Waggle but added Solid in case 1- we didn't have a qb who could attack the flank and 2- if we needed more protection.
    Our blocking was the same as any drop back pass: "Solid" means just that: solid... no one pulls! Play side T: gap on outside; p-s G: gap on outside. C to b-s: fire step and cut. FB: fake and check p-s LB Blitz... don't release. HB: fake and check back side outside OT.
    SE: 8 steps and cut to sideline; TE: start normal Drag but "sit down" over Center and face QB. He will be about 7-8 yards deep. Wing: Post... must get deeper than 25 yards.
    We tell the QB: get the good fake, start to roll like on regular Waggle but pull up when you get to p-s B gap. You can give a look to the SE and IF he's open coming out of his cut (and your QB has the arm to gun a 18-20 yard sideline cut!) let it rip. BUT... the main guy is the TE. Like Coach "Erd" says: it's a 15 yard shot right over the middle between 2 ILB's who don't cover very well anyway! Your QB has the easiest pass in the world if it's 3rd and 8-12 yards for the first down! The Wing is a last check but if the F/S jumps the "stick" by the TE, throw it over the F/S's head for the big play!

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