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    Hello coaches,

    I am looking for some input from any of you that utilize a wide splitted TE. By that I mean splitting TE about 6 feet outside OT with WB at his normal alignment outside the TE. Also with an over look to the same flexed TE look. What do you run and how to you adjust your playcalling to defense's alignment/misalignment? We are a jet/rocket sweep team that loosk to run power underneither rocket and belly inside of jet. Many thanks in advance.

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    We had a general rule when the tackle was uncovered (usually vs. 4-3&4-4) the TE would widen his normal 3 ft. split 1 ft. at a time to see how much he could get and have the 7/6/9 tech maintain his normal position. By doing this we were opening up the C gap for Belly, Down, Power, XX, Joker etc. We would not adjust the wing so when the TE got to 6 ft. the wing was almost stacked behind him with his inside foot splitting the crotch of the TE. If the 7/6/9 tech jumped inside now you had another scenario of plays with all your sweeps in play with great angles. Your TE just had to make sure he could block him.

    To answer your question regarding SE over you need to be prepared to attack the nub side with Jet/Rocket/Buck/Power sweeps if the defense over rotated the secondary to account for your end over. We got to that look by bringing the tackle over and keeping a wing/TE/guard on the nub side. I felt by covering up the TE you gave less for the defense to account for and we still had a passing game especially Belly Keep Pass to the nub side. We had 2 receivers there so the D had to account for them thus making it more difficult to account for the long side.

    Another interesting formation we used was White Close. White was 2 SE's and 2 slots. When we went close we'd move the SE's in 4 yards from the tackle with the slot in between. We got some bad adjustments by the D and this helped us at the flank with Jet/Rocket. Motion to trips from this look and off set the FB and you can cause some issues.

    The only time we covered up an eligible receiver was in our "Ends" formation where we had to SE's wide both on the LOS on the same side. Usually the defense would roll to that side because by #s we had trips. We'd offset the FB to the nub and run Jet/Rocket that way. We'd also run a Rocket screen backside because since we had no eligible there initially the D would be soft.

    To me, this is the essence of offensive football: forcing the defense to adjust to multiple formations and still being able to run your best plays from all of them. We were a Jet Sweep/Buck Sweep/Belly Slide team and could run them from every formation. I still see all the Spread teams running multiple sets including the Sniffer back (looks like Herschel Moore's Bear and Bull) yet still running Zone, Jet, Power, Trap, Buck Sweep (they call it Pin & Pull) and the QB runs off the read of all those.

    Hope this gives some food for thought. As always write or call with questions. I'm glad to help if I can.

    Rich Erdelyi

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