Legendary Wing-T coach Herschel Moore passed away. He was an innovator and one of the great minds in this offense. I've known Herschel for 22 years. He heard me speak at a Glazier Clinic in Cincinnati in 1996 on our trips package. He called me and said I might be interested in a play he was fooling with and wanted to know what I thought. He sent me a video of practice from the top of a school bus. I thought he was on to something and called him asking what he was calling the play. He said "Jet Sweep"...I said good enough for me! We called back and forth about blocking schemes...plays off of it...Trap, Sucker, XX, Waggle, Crack, Truck(Jet Reverse) etc. We both made a living off of it for many years. He asked for my playbook and I for his. Mine was about 300 pages computer generated. His was about 600 pages hand printed! It felt like a bowling ball in a box. I teased him and said he must have been related to the Monks in the middle ages. Herschel could have coached at any level! There are few people whose knowledge of the game I respect more. May he rest in peace.

Rich Erdelyi