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Thread: Your best play action pass besides Waggle

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    One of our best play action passes off buck and jet motion is a quick pass to the TE right down the middle of the field. TE will step down like down block then release and run right between the middle and outside backer. If the safety comes down hard on the run he runs past him if the safety stays deep the TE slows down and sits in the hole. The wing back runs an arrow route to get the corner out of the way. You can also run "switch" which tells the TE and wing to switch routes. Its amazing how simple this play is to run and no matter teams prepare for it you can always catch that outside backer coming down on the run.

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    Our best besides waggle has easily been "down seam pass".

    Wing right, down right. Everyone runs down, except obviously QB pulls ball. 3 step after down fake and throws. Playside wing (right) runs straight up field calling for ball. QB eyeballs him to pull safety. Backside HB/Wing/ diveback/ whatever runs a seam route from the backfield between backside corner and safety. The X/SE/WR runs a 7ish yard out. His job is to take the corner with him away and open the seam. It is almost always wide open.

    We have the backside run the seam route on regular down so we can have the booth tell us when it is open. (we dont run down option, just keep)

    Been very good for a deep ball. Especially if you get a secondary rotating to TE/Wing side.

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    We ran Buck Sweep Pass and ran it to a TE - Wing flank. Backfield action looked like buck sweep, pulled both guards unless there a blitz threat (then only pulled front side guard). Qb would fake buck and drop back 2-3 steps. PSHB would take his LB path for buck sweep and then run his route to split the safeties or go to the pylon/sideline if one safety high. PSTE would down block for a 3 count and then release to the sideline getting no deeper than 12 yards. BSHB would fake buck and then run a swing route. FB would go trap path and seal backside A/B gap. BST would take DE, unless he has someone head up and outside him. Then he would call for BSG to stay and the FB would take the outside most threat. BSG would take A/B gap threat and BST would take man head up. BSSE would run a deep dig at 15-18 yards.

    We also ran one similar off of jet sweep action (similar route concepts). PSSE would run a whip route to simulate cracking the force player.

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