We're heading into a game against a team that has loved just squeezing their DEs crazy hard on the strong side and trying to disrupt guard paths on Sweep. It also makes it very tough to run Down. It's been successful against us in the past, so I'm trying to find an answer for how to punish that DE for ignoring his contain rules. What can we do Wide Tight Side to take advantage of this? Here are some options I've thought about...

Down Option: Issue is we don't run Down all that much, hardly at all actually, plus we've never tried the QB option pitch before...not sure I like this idea.

Down Sweep: Same thing as the Option, we really don't run Down, so I don't know that this fits. We down run Belly Sweep, all the time though, so maybe there is cross-over

F Toss Strong: They'd have to really be committed inside because I don't really see the blocks lining up that well. We'd reach strong side with everyone and hope the DE crashes and we manage to get outside and race the LBs. Also depends on where the CB is lined up Strong. If he's up on the line or close, I don't see this as an option. Could go unbalanced and send the X over to get rid of the CB in that situation. This seems like the easiest solution.

Rocket Strong: I don't like this one because I feel like the Pre-Snap motion will tip-off the DE pretty quick and he'll know not to crash.

What we call a Bingo Sweep: Sweep but no Guard pulls instead the FB leads, and we use the better angle of the FB to seal the DE, and the Sweep ends up going outside.

Let me know what you think would work best.