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    Default Wing-T Highlights

    It's just 9th Grade ball, but we got some really good examples of base Wing-T plays. Couple of fun points:

    -We ran circles around where to put our super-stud player, and in the end we decided to just put him at HB and let him run the Sweep. Many games we ran exclusively base Buck Series plays.

    -4 of our 5 offensive linemen it was their first year playing football. Shoulder skills, Down blocks and pulls. They really took to their jobs, were very aggressive, and teachable. Also, only had 1 kid over 160 lbs.

    -Although our Sweep was our best play, our X-Block Belly, and our Down were our most consistent. We could run these plays for 3-5 yards all game. Our FB ended up having more carries than our HB even though our HB had way more yards. The success of our Belly and Down made it so that when Sweeps hit, they commonly hit for big.

    -A really fun year of Wing-T in the books. We finished 8-2, lost to the same team twice. Once in the regular season, and once in our championship game.

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    Default Highlights

    Coach: I watched your Hudl highlight video. Niiiiiiiiice job!!! It looks like a well-coached team!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by lewjohnston View Post
    Coach: I watched your Hudl highlight video. Niiiiiiiiice job!!! It looks like a well-coached team!!! Blessings, Lew

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    Good stuff!! I like the 139 Rocket Toss on the first play

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    My congrats on a job well done by your team and coaches. The guys were well coached...nice square cuts, carried out fakes etc. They did the little things well. I loved the XX and Throwback Waggle. #14 will be a special back in this offense. He made great square cuts, set up blocks and did not rush the play. The little QB brought a smile to my face the way he carried out fakes, found the FB in the flat on Waggle, knew when to pull up, hit the Dive back on Belly Keep Pass etc. Your Belly Sweep was well timed and executed. Keep it up. You had this old coach smiling and re-running several plays.

    If I can be of any help just write or call.

    Rich Erdelyi

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