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    Hi Coaches.

    I know most of us donít have the time to major in zone, but I am thinking of using it with jet/rocket motion. I see potential advantages when teams key the play side wing and when my wing is not well equipped to win the iso block on the LB.

    I think Delaware ran this for awhile, but I canít find my notes on it.

    Does anyone run this play? If so, rules, coaching points, etc... would be helpful.


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    Spread 983/Spread 187 Is fine just a few key points. Don't over think about zone blocking. Use base and combo blocking for your inside zone runs. Set your wingback in motion away from the point of attack, and if you feel your HB cannot make an isolated block, switch your FB as that lead blocker and place the HB behind your QB in your 300/700 formations and keep your eyes on the OLB or Safety covering the tight end for a play action Pop pass. Hopefully that helps out without any conflict.

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