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Thread: Wing-t still lives

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    Default Wing-t still lives

    Im watching both NFL championship games and Im noticing alot of Jet Sweep, FB Flip, Bootleg, and Buck Sweep (pin and pull blocking - lol). I guess the spread teams might lose their membership if they just call it Buck Sweep

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    I'm also seeing a lot of Jet Flip which I talk about at the Glazier Clinics. I also see the QB fake the Buck(Pin&Pull) haha and run waggle with the slot coming behind the line for the flat, frontside running a post/corner route, backside twin dragging at 10 and backside SE through CF. Sure looks like Waggle to me. I also see them using the slide back as a lead blocker or kick out man. The winning TD by NE was Joker with the BSG pull & kick and the offset FB the lead blocker.

    I'm working on a new topic for the Southeast Wing-T Clinic in March which will be "The Old Stuff is New Again" with emphasis on Buck Sweep, Down, Counter Boot and my Blast play. Blast is power blocking with no puller using the slide back as a kick out blocker. This is now called the "DUO" play because you usually get 2 double teams. It is a new term because sometimes they're reading the PSILB and Running a TE/Slot/Sniffer at him and if he fills on the run they dump the ball to the TE. I think it's brilliant and am sorry I didn't think of it.

    As always write or call with questions. Always glad to help.

    Rich Erdelyi

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