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Thread: Missing the Big Idea of FB Plays

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    We run our base wing t plays against a 5-3 defense almost every week. It used to be very tough but jet has saved us. making jet sweep our best play has at least forced the 5-3 to widen and respect the wide perimeter. Now with the jet fake to the SE/dive back flank belly works really well.

    a good jet fake will force the OLB and DE to step outside. tackle blocks down on DT, guard kicks out DE. the kick out block on the DE is super easy because he is usually screaming up field trying to stop the jet. The half back blocks the Middle backer. The outside backer is out of the play chasing the jet. hand it off to the FB and theres no one home. But it only works for us once we have established the jet. If the OLB wants to stay inside to stop the belly then keep running jet.

    So for us we have games where the FB has great games and the wings play more of a decoy role and then the opposite happens. We have also switched our backs around at times. If we are playing a team that wants to play tight to stop our really good FB we will occasionally switch him to HB and give him some of the bucksweeps and other plays.

    Also one last play that has been killer for us against the 5-3 is what we call 23 dive. Its a quick hitter to the dive back between the guard and tackle. guard and tackle are responsible for DT and MB. They can on block or X block. The DE and OLB are not blocked but are held in check by an option fake to the FB after the handoff. Again, if the DE or OLB want to tackle the dive then run option to your stud FB.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CoachSchelb View Post

    On your FB power who kicks the DE? The PSHB?
    On the Power, we use a sniffer back, which we either line up on the play side with the backside HB going in jet motion or we line him up on the back side and start him in jet motion just before the snap in order to get in front of the FB.

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    such great ideas above.

    we run power with the fb, the joker way. big thing is offset him like he's the diveback. it would look like jet or rocket with the fb leading the play, but now he's in the position to come across formation, get the handoff and cut square. if the slot can't get there, cut his split .

    on the flank attack...every year I look for new pass plays. when i revisit a) what works b) what we do well , it's always belly pass. everyone's a sucker for a good play action. ask the rams.

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