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    Default National Wing T Clinic

    First off... "Thanks!" to Herm and Dave for directing another outstanding Wing T Clinic! You guys don't know how important it is that these guys "took up the mantle" after Tubby retired and the U. of Delaware stopped having their Wing T Clinic!
    Secondly- it was great having the opportunity to meet a bunch of you whom I've emailed with in person last week-end! Just being in a room where every coach has come to learn about this great offense produces such a special/gratifying feeling.
    Finally, to reiterate what I said to the guys who attended my talks... if there is anything I can do to help you with your Wing T offense, please don't hesitate to contact me!

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    GREAT JOB! It was great to see you and stay in touch. Good luck with your new team.

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    Clinic was awesome. This was my first time but definitely not my last. Thanks Guys

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    Default Constantine Clinic

    Does anyone know if Constantine in Michigan still does their clinic?

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    Had a great time as well!! Too bad the weather wasn't friendly but I'm looking forward to next year's sessions!!

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