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    Coming back from the wing T clinic and I bought coach Herms playbook. This is a great resource but I do need some help on the down option. I have never been a big option guy. Its definitely not a very big part of our offense but we want to run it just enough to use it to open the down play.

    Can someone help me with the blocking against a 5-3 defense? I'm wondering who we should try to option.

    B B B

    E T N T E
    O O C O O TE

    I'm thinking have the wing step towards TE and maybe punch the DE (make it fee and look like bucksweep) then climb to the backer? Optimally he could block that outside backer leaving just the corner assuming the guard logs the DE. But I'm thinking by the time the wing steps down and punches his angle might not be very good to block outside backer and if he can't block him then that leaves the backer and corner to stop the option. Should I just send the wing directly to the backer or to the corner?

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    my diagram didn't work. hopefully you all know what I am asking.

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    PSHB (Wing) - influence Spur (DE) and wall-off Stack LB.
    FB - Fake Down and block Stack LB to FS.
    Pitch Key will be Corner.
    PSG - pull and log (wrong shoulder trap block) the Spur (DE).

    Just my thoughts.

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    Denny is 100% correct. We would not even mess with the 9 tech. Have him block the man he would on Down. That's the beauty of the play and creates the defensive conflict. I always liked the play because you get to option a corner or an OLB so your QB isn't getting decked by a stud DE. You may have been confused if there are 2 people outside the wing say an OLB and corner in a 4-4 defense...the wing would now have to arc and block the corner with the OLB becoming the pitch key.

    We probably didn't run Down Option enough and especially in my later years Belly/Down Sweep became so good for us that it actually replaced Down Option. I think it's good to have a little option in your attack because it forces assignment football on the defense...someone has the FB...QB...and pitch thus taking away prep time for your really good stuff.

    Rich Erdelyi

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    Thanks for the help guys. That is the way I had it drawn up. I was worried about the wing being able to wall off that OLB but I guess if he wants to stop option that bad we better be running Down.

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    Coach, will the down sweep time up correctly with the HB lined up as a dive back (100 formation) or does it only time up with him lined up as a wing?

    We kind of tried it last year but couldn't get the QB back fast enough after his down fake.

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