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Thread: Your best play action pass besides Waggle

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    Default Your best play action pass besides Waggle

    Would love to hear everyones thoughts.
    Bryan Schaumloffel and

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    Belly Keep Pass.

    Particularly like it out of Split formations (SE 6 yards from the OT). Always felt like it was a really tough cover for the OLB/Strong Safety. They had to adjust to that formation (which was always a big jet/rocket formation) and then deal with the playaction. It was our go to in 3rd & 4+

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    Belly Pass with Jet motion. love to switch the front side routes in order to get a mismatch deep or to confuse the coverage. We also like to run a skinny post front side or back side when teams bring their safety down hill to defend the jet sweep. It is also the best pass protection. We also use it for our 2 pt plays. We either cross our TEs or we bring our motion man to the flat with our SE running a stop route.

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    RED belly keep pass - wheel
    Like it vs 1 high safety and 8 or 9 in the box
    wr - take two post . clear out the free safety and the corner
    wing- run wheel route. Sell quick out to force flat defender to get wide. turn up the field and look for the ball.

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    Rocket pass

    Run red or blue, rocket motion to the receiver side. QB fakes the Rocket pitch and takes a 3 step drop after. Playside wing runs a wheel, receiver runs a skinny post. One of them is wide open almost every single time. With a good enough QB the wheel is always open.

    We love this play out of Red Over because the SS is already pre rotated. Makes it that much harder to cover. If the FS doesn't immediately cover the receiver, he's wide open down the hash. If the corner follows the skinny post, the wheel is wide open down the sideline.

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    Default Jet pass

    We run our Jet to Oveload FB WR side and we have had success with it. Off of that we have a Jet pass(its a chunk play for us).
    OL BOB
    FB Fill I.S. OUT
    HB 10 YARD OUT
    TE BOB or Send him on Seam Route

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    Default Post-Wheel Routes

    Classic Post Wheel from out of the backfield has been a good look out of 61/69 pass PSG logs C Gap Defender while FB fills for pulling guard Best to run it to the SE side with the WB pressing a swing route after his ball fake. Running PA passing to SE side is a great tendency breaker. Post Flat and TE Pop pass is good as well

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    As usual I have many thoughts on this topic but the general concept is usually your best PAP will be off your best running play especially if the blocking scheme for the PAP looks like the running play especially to the PSILB, the playside safety and corner. With that being said IMO Waggle is not really play action in that the backs go 1 way and the guards go the other. If you have defenses reading your backs then perhaps it does qualify.

    In the late 80's and early 90's we were a great Buck Sweep team from what I call base formations...Red/Blue...TE/wing/dive back opposite etc. Waggle was a great play but we ran it mostly with a dropback principle although we did pull both guards but used the PSG to set the edge and the BSG to set up where the PSG vacated to account for the BSILB who scraped to the PSA gap when he read split flow guards opposite. We adjusted our patterns based on the coverage. Vs. Cov3 the SE would usually break off his Corner route to an out 17-15...Vs. Cov2 he'd run the Corner. The TE would read center field. Vs.
    Cov3 he'd hook at 15 between the LB's...Vs. Cov2 he'd take it deep between the safeties. He had from behind the LB's...between the the end zone...Get Open! The wing would Hook @15, 2 yards outside the hash Vs. Cov3 and continue vertical Vs. Cov2. The FB as normal in the flat to the SE flank. We'd call Waggle Switch and the TE and wing would switch assignments. Our best play t was Waggle to the TE with a Dig by the SE backside. Delaware called it Waggle @5. Waggle Shovel Pass to the TE flank was great at this time because we were running so much motion Buck Sweep and Waggle to the SE that it was easy to suck the 9 tech upfield and shovel it underneath to the BSHB. We did this with Power blocking as the Pro's and Spread teams are doing today.

    In the mid 90's Belly Slide became big for us and the defense adjusted by bringing a safety down which we could not account for so we adjusted with a drop back pass off of Belly with a Post/Wheel by the SE/slot or a Curl/Wheel if they stayed deep with Cov3. Although we ran very little Belly Counter, Counter Boot was always a great play even in my last years coaching. My theory was the D was mesmerized by all the movement in the backfield with all 4 backs going in all directions and the FB, QB and faking back all being in a line and then the QB coming out with a bare hand fake, ball on the hip hidden from the DE.

    From the late 90's on Jet was our big deal so Jet Keep Pass with a Post/wheel by the SE/slot was big to account for the safety flying down on the Jet. Jet XX pass was usually good for 2-3 TD's a year because we would run the XX 4-6 times a game.

    As we progressed more and more into the Gun Buck Sweep with the Bubble to the Twins flank RPO became great. We had a great pass off of that when the playside safety became a headache. I called it Buck Sweep Throwback.
    The TE and PST blocked down. The PSG pulled to protect the edge. The OC,BSG,BST stepped playside gap and hinged. The wing faked his down block and ran a drag away from the play. He controlled 4 from coming backside. The Twin ran through center field and the SE ran a Dig at 15 behind him. The QB put the ball in the RB belly and shuffled 2 steps seeing the field. With the down blocks and PSG pull it looked like Buck to everyone. The faking back helped protect the front side and slid delayed to the flat as the outlet. If the corner became a headache we ran Buck Sweep KP where everyone did as above except the wing who faked his down block and ran a flag behind the corner.

    My suggestion to all is look at your best runs and see how the D was reacting and trying to take it away and then create the pass to defeat it. Do not be afraid of Throwback passes. When Belly Sweep to the TE flank became a great play we put in a Throwback pass to the SE but we still pulled the PSG so the secondary would react.

    If anyone wants to discuss this further do not hesitate to write or call. I'm always glad to help if I can. I still have a lot of ideas I just ran out of years.

    Rich Erdelyi

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    Default Play-action Passes

    As usual, Coach Erd' uses his knowledge and experience to say more in a concise and informative way than anyone else could even attempt! "Thank You, Erd" from those of us who appreciate your willingness to help!!!

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