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    Default Play Calling that is Concise and Clear

    Currently the play calling that we use doesn't use the traditional 3 Number approach. What we do follows this format:


    It ends up sounding like...

    Jump to Right Over 28 Buck Sweep on Down, on Down

    So that'd mean the backs and tight end would start in a Left (900) formation, then on the first sound they'd shift to a Right (100) formation. Over means that our Split End will actually be on the same side as the Y, and he will actually start there as opposed to shifting with the backs. The play is being run to our 2 Back, to the 8 Hole. It is on Down.


    Red Split Creep 32 Buck Trap on Down, on Down

    No Shift, start in Red, Slow Mo from the H, 3 Back gets the ball, hits the 2 hole, Buck Series, Trap Play, On Down. The issue is that as plays get more complex it starts to get really confusing to the kids, and even for me at times.

    Trade Ram Minus Zoom 48 Belly Rocket on Go, on Go is one that I can see myself stumbling through as I tell it to the our X, who runs in our plays, and then I feel like often a game of Telephone can ensue. We had several times this year when we either ran the wrong play, or had to call timeout because our QB wasn't sure what was going on because the X forgot the play as he ran out. Basically, I feel like we really need to simplify things. I've been doing some research on the Traditional Delaware Number system and perhaps that could be a solution.

    The first play would end up sounding like

    Jump to Over 128 on Down, on Down. Our kids are en-grained in the Right holes 2, 4, 6, 8; left holes 1, 3, 5, 7 and I feel like switching that up would just make them more confused.

    Split Red Creep 122 On Down, On Down.

    This sounds pretty clear and concise to me. I wonder if some motions like the Creep call or the Zoom call to tell backs to go in motion is necessary. The H just needs to know that if we're in Red or Blue he needs to go Slow Mo, or the Wing should just know that on a Rocket Toss he needs to go in motion. I'm working with 9th graders, so memory capacity isn't as sharp as a Varsity crew. What are some things you guys have done that you feel like have been successful?
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