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    Default Full House T Inconsistencies

    I've been doing some research into the Full House T, and I'm just confused why this offense seems to have had great success in certain areas of Michigan, but I've never heard of it anywhere else. Anyone have ideas why this offense was so dynamite for some teams: Constantine, Zeeland West, yet doesn't seem to have done much in the way of spreading around the country? Where I'd say playing a Wing-T is a bit unpopular, running a Full House T seems completely off the beaten path from my perspective. The Wing-T is already weird enough to prepare for, but I feel like throwing in a Full-T would be a complete loop for a lot of defensive coaches. Since it shares a lot of the same principles of what we already do it may be a good chance of pace, but I don't know yet.
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    Several programs in Michigan have been successful with it. Edwardsburg just won a state championship, hudsonville Unity Christian, I could probably list 10+. As far as out of state I can only think of two of the top of my head and they would Solodonta in Alaska and Elk River I believe in Minnesota. Itís popularity in Michigan probably comes from its obvious success and that many coaches, school administrators and dads played in it. People identify with what worked for them in their glory days and hold on to it.
    The offense has a lot of positives I have ran it as a head coach or been in an assistant in it for a good portion of my 25 year coaching career. The simplicity of the scheme and the focus on detail is what separates it from modern offenses. It forces defenses to stay vanilla in their front


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    Default Full House

    We used the Full House T formation as our goal-line/short yardage package for several years... with great success! We called it our "Big Horse Backfield." We were blessed with some big, athletic linebackers/TE's that we put in the backfield. Even if you hit a 225 pounder, he's probably gonna go forward for 2-3 yards. That was all we were looking for.
    We only ran 3-4 plays with one play-action pass... but it was quite effective!
    I've got information on it if anyone wants to email me at Hummmmm??? I think Championship Productions did a dvd for me on it too.

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    When I coached in HS from 1968-83 this was our short yardage/Goal Line offense. We ran Buck Sweep, Waggle, Belly, Belly KP, Counter Boot and FB wedge both ways. It was simple but effective. All on 1st sound! I ran it with Dan Marino! He was very effective with the passes on the flank! Coach Klausing loved the attack when I went to Carnegie Mellon in 1985. We went with a wing however (100/900) formation and added Power and Power Keep Pass with a motion to the I by the Dive Back which Coach Klausing loved. We still had Belly, Belly KP, Counter Boot and Waggle weak.

    1 great play which an old time coach at Butler HS, Art Bernardi, ran against us vs. a 4-4 was similar to a Double Dive but the QB reversed out. Full House T vs. 4-4 running the play to the 3 tech side. TE arc and block the OLB; PSG&PST cross block the 3&7. Play side Dive Back lead through XB. OC&BSG combo 2 tech to BSILB or Odd block it. QB reverses out, pokes to FB who takes a lateral step then crossover for PSG then winds back (like we do on Belly Sweep now), then QB hands to backside HB who follows play side HB through hole, then QB fakes waggle. Our PSILB was reading Belly windback and got caught up in the wash and the lead back was blocking our safety! The PSILB was blocked either way! We went to a 6-5 Goal Line defense to stop the play!

    When the NCAA changed the rules disallowing the Dive Back from blocking the 9 tech below the waist it made a tough block on Buck Sweep REALLY difficult. Officials today are very cognizant of blocks below the waist which they should be so without Buck Sweep I think many teams went away from the formation. You can still run Belly/Down option effectively and if you are a great Belly team it could be terrific. Adding Double Wing to the Double Tight with the ability to run Jet/Rocket Sweep and you can give the D coordinator headaches. We always had a Double Tight set in our plan. You can usually get a balanced/vanilla defense and if not attack their weak flank.

    My golf game got rained out today so I've got time on my hands to post probably a too long post. As always write or call with questions. Glad to help if I can.

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