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    How do you approach the 7-on-7 season with your team?

    I believe that we have to plan to be successful at throwing the ball. Our play action game MUST be a threat, otherwise teams will just jail break blitz and load the box to no end. However, I am strongly against 7-on-7 offenses. These are offenses that likely don't apply to what you actually do, and have the sole purpose of being competitive at 7-on-7. I feel time is precious and I don't want to waste it running some circus 7-on-7 thing when we could be working on what we actually do. That being said, we may not light up the score boards at a 7-on-7 tournament. We plan on being able to run Waggle very effectively against any form of coverage we can think up. We also run Waggle Tight side with the same attention to detail. We rep a lot of Belly Pass and Jet Pass with a Jet Pass Wheel. Last we focus on our solo routes to our X: slants, hitches, fades, comebacks. We run a lot of Down Pass during the season, but without anyone coming up on the run fake it feels like a waste of time. We also put in Shifts at this time, and rep breaking the huddle correctly, and our cadence. We try to make it as similar to what we actually do as possible. We may go a little crazy with shifting just to make things more interesting - especially shifting and snapping the ball quickly to catch LBs off guard on Belly Pass.

    Anyone running Down Pass in 7-on-7 with success?

    What kinds of things are you doing with your Split End?
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    We did 7s every summer. Invited a bunch of teams every Wednesday night. We ran our stuff... Belly Pass, Down Pass, Waggle/Boot, and Sprint Out. We varied our route combos a bit. Off Belly action the comeback route to a loose SE was difficult to defend.

    Truthfully, we did it mainly for our coverages. Bottom line, all our pass plays, routes, and coverages were in prior to the start of Doubles.

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    I've came across some stuff that Tubby did in his final years of coaching. The posts just came up where he's working on loose formation passing and all types of shift which featured some option routes for the split end and with and seam routes for the half back coming out of the backfield. Work on some mesh concepts to defeat the blitz and Combo routes out of Slot 100 or Loose 300.

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