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    Default Support Bucksweep Message Board is a great resource for us Wing T coaches across the country. I really enjoy and learn from the posts as well as networking with Wing T coaches across the country. Maybe I don't understand "foreign languages" and am missing the purpose of these "foreign" posts. It seems like we get a good topic going (like Herky Billings tapes) and then the conversation is "killed" due to foreign language post. Personally, I suggest that the coach with this technical knowledge of Wing T football who presents in "foreign language" share this info on a universal website like coach huey, or football scoop, or some basketball/baseball website. Just my thoughts.

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    Thanks for sharing that, Denny! I agree with you. This is too valuable a tool to mess it up!

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    I think it is some kind of spam as opposed to an actual person. Obviously I'm not the guy to fix it haha.
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