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Thread: QB Mechanics on Handback Trap

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    Default QB Mechanics on Handback Trap

    Need your advice on the QB mechanics of Handback Trap (referring to a FB Trap away from motion). The O-Line is blocking Trap right rules. The RHB. is faking Rocket to the left. FB is running Trap right path. My questions are the following :
    * Does QB reverse pivot to side of Rocket motion (left) OR does QB reverse pivot like he normally does on Trap right (in this case AWAY from motion) ?
    * After the handoff to FB does QB waggle away from Rocket motion OR follow Rocket motion ?
    Thanks for input .

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    What advantage do you see with the QB going with motion?
    I would think you would want to put the Boot/Counter/Reverse player in conflict and have him widen to help with the trap funnel...
    I am sure that there will be different opitions but, I always told my guys that Trap was Trap and to keep everything the same--but that is me.

    Also--have you ever had your line flip trap--what I mean is that the OL has the freedom to pull the right OR left guard to the desired front--communicated with a call from the center---we liked doing that to always go to the 3 tech and this was helpful for our teaching.

    Where are you Coaching Now Coach D?

    When are you going to update the Inside Belly Series from the shotgun with RPOs--I am waiting for that DVD!

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    The QB opens to the back faking jet sweep or rocket but stays on the right side of the mid line. His second step is a cross over, staying on the right side of the mid line and hands off to the FB, who runs trap right. The QB then carries out waggle right

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    I had to go back and check my 2010 playbook since it's been a while since we ran handback trap. As with many plays it was a better HS play than a college play. Many of my HS friends in New England (Jsanny being one) had much more success with the play than we did. To answer your question Denny: Red Formation:

    The wing would fake Jet Sweep to the left. We reverse pivoted the QB over the mid-line just as he did on Jet maybe a bit shorter. His next step would be with his left foot straight back opening his right side for the HO then going to the Waggle away. The FB would dive right foot for the left foot of C staying on that path till he got the HO then running trap right course almost looking like a windback. I could see why you might want to keep the QB playside faking Keep Pass especially vs. 2 high safeties. This play shows full flow in the backfield and is a different look from Buck or Jet Sweep. With the full flow you are showing trips SE perhaps inducing a roll from the secondary. This differs from Buck Trap in that you need the slot to go crossfield and block up at the hole since what would be the playside wing in Buck Trap is now faking Jet and you don't have him to to the cutoff. If you send the QB on Waggle you could hold that 2 high safety. Vs. 1 high safety I don't think it matters.

    If I were running this from Rocket under center I'd reverse pivot the QB 6" deep over the mid-line faking the Rocket toss hip to hip and I bet the FB would be right there to take the HO with the above steps. To me this is like a counter play away from the Rocket but showing full flow which should help with LB movement. I would analyze the safeties as above and consider showing Keep Pass if that's something you do off Rocket.

    As always write or call with questions. I'm glad to help if I can.

    Rich Erdelyi

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